Full Name
Lauren "Lo" Bosworth
Job Title
Founder and CEO
Love Wellness
Speaker Bio
Lauren (Lo) is the founder and CEO of total-body care brand, Love Wellness. After experiencing chronic health issues she couldn’t fix with traditional drugstore products or prescriptions, Bosworth realized there was a need for personal care products driven by body positivity, clean ingredients, and holistic wellness. Since launching the company in 2016, she has expanded Love Wellness to include vaginal health, gut health, and ingestible beauty. Today, Lo is seeking to change the narrative around self-care culture and empower others to feel supported, welcomed, and safe during their wellness journeys. Lo has combined lessons from her own experiences with the expertise of a panel of medical experts to write LOVE YOURSELF WELL: An Empowering Wellness Guide to Supporting Your Gut, Brain, and Vagina, released on December 27, 2022.

Lo has lived in New York City for the past 10 years and is from Laguna Beach, California. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from The University of California, Los Angeles, and a Culinary Arts degree with an emphasis on farm-to-table cuisine from The International Culinary Institute.
Lauren "Lo" Bosworth